13 Things I’ve Learned Over 13 Years At One Job

I just this past month celebrated my 13 year work-iversary.  After each one I spend some time ruminating back over my years put in to date, and usually come up with no profound insights or much of note, besides the annual reminder of just how many years I still have to go until my pension kicks in.  However Continue reading “13 Things I’ve Learned Over 13 Years At One Job”

The Broke Girl’s Life Advice for Females Entering Adulthood

Getting to that next stage. And it’s a picture, because I read twice today that people like seeing pictures and this seemed the most appropriate. Plus, you’re never too old to go for a run in the snow in heels

I have always said that there needs to be a mandatory life skill class in high school for teens on the brink of adulthood.  Parenting, intimacy and relationships, scheduling and prioritization, shopping and meal planning for everyday cooking, gardening, finances, even taking care of animals are all things that we generally forego in lieu of algebra, art, aesthetics and phys-ed – which are all important too, don’t get me wrong.  But every year we are sending another group of unprepared new graduates out into the real world, all set for post secondary school, new careers, but with very little practical advice on how to navigate their own personal lives and what to expect out of them.  Especially as females, the more vulnerable of the two genders, we take what we can from our parents (if we’re lucky to have good role models guiding us), our mentors, older siblings and friends, but they’re not going to cover everything.  And neither am I.  But I am going to list some of the things that I wish I had been told when I was younger. Continue reading “The Broke Girl’s Life Advice for Females Entering Adulthood”

Successfully Navigating Adulthood, But Can’t Get a Date? 24 things you may be doing that are killing your chances of success

IMG_3320“30 is the new 20” “40 is the new 30″… great.  These trendy and trite little catchphrases are representative of far more than they would appear at first blush.  What do they even really mean?  Well, for the limited purpose of this post, it means that traditional societal norms have shifted over the years – that the things that were expected of you in your 20s are now acceptable and more the norm to be expected in your 30s, and your 30s for your 40s in turn.  And what does any of this have to do with dating?  It means that over the last several years there has been a shift in our collective conscience where it is now acceptable for people to be settling down, committing, getting married, having children later in life, or to not do any of it ever.  So the good and the bad news for you is that the world we occupy is currently populated with more adult singles than it has been since the advent of marriage. Continue reading “Successfully Navigating Adulthood, But Can’t Get a Date? 24 things you may be doing that are killing your chances of success”