Having Trouble Following Through? Give Yourself a Reason

I’m one of those people that requires, before learning any new thing, a reason for why it must be done, and to know what impact it may have.  In my case, this serves two purposes.

  1. I am able to learn to do said task better, understanding the importance of the intricacies of it.
  2. I am able to determine whether it is something worthy of spending my time on.

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But This Wasn’t Part of My Plan – Unexpected Life Lessons

I’m sitting here, the Monday night after a three day holiday weekend, trying once more to decide what I should post next, but just not feeling what I have already written up, and my brain too tired to brainstorm any new ideas.  So I don’t really know where I’m going from here, but I’ll know when I get there.  You see, the plan was Friday after work to pack up myself and the mutt with just enough to get us through to Saturday evening, and meet up with the man for a quick overnight trip to the cabin to get it opened for the season.  Being Ms. Prepared I packed two large bags with enough changes of clothing and gear for every type of inclement weather, and brought along enough dog food to get my buddy through a week, in case of emergencies.  Which turned out to be highly fortunate.IMG_5401 Continue reading “But This Wasn’t Part of My Plan – Unexpected Life Lessons”

Spring Clean Checklist – Above and Beyond (A lazy post by a tired girl)

Here’s my confession:  I’m mentally and physically exhausted.  I’ve been sick most of this week.  I had the flu, and the drastic weather changes have flared up my insomnia something terrible, so I wasn’t even able to sleep it off.  I have many post ideas written up and drafts started and saved on topics I actually enjoy and care about, but none quite complete, and now that the week’s over instead of being at my co-worker’s retirement party with the rest of my friends and colleagues, I’m in my pyjamas watching Disney – yes, Disney – movies.

So with that in mind, I hope that explains why instead of a real post, I’m simply copying a spring cleaning guide I had previously written for a completely different purpose, just to keep up some content until I can get in a solid night’s sleep tonight, and maybe – just maybe – you might find a few things on it you hadn’t thought of before or something you may find useful, or perhaps it may just inspire some of you late starters here to get started on your own.  Continue reading “Spring Clean Checklist – Above and Beyond (A lazy post by a tired girl)”

The Beginner’s Guide to Giving

“There but for the grace of God I go” – John Bradford

If you are comfortable, reading this from your smart phone, tablet or home computer, and know where you are going to lay your head tonight, chances are you have more than many.   I myself am sitting here comfortably on my leather sofa brainstorming ways I can tighten up my budget so I can find some extra cash to put towards helping me achieve my long term goals – as I sit here typing away on my laptop, in front of my 50″ high def television perched atop my fireplace/entertainment unit, with my iPhone and iPad within arms reach.  And I must admit, even lower middle class is a hard place to picture myself at the best of times! Continue reading “The Beginner’s Guide to Giving”

The Positivity Project Challenge #1 – What was the highlight of your day?

Really, what was the highlight of your day?  What was the best thing that happened to you or that you saw or read or heard all day?  What made you smile or laugh? Comment below and project a little more positivity out into the world.

Too often we end our days with “It was just another day” “It was fine” “Good”.  Too often we look at our day as a whole and write it off as bad.  But there’s always positive to be found.

I mentioned earlier my experiment with the Positivity Project, and this was one of the very first challenges – just to pick out the highlight of your day, and to start retraining yourself to not let the negatives define it.

You can say to yourself you’re going to have a great day, and frequently things are going to happen to knock you down, and we let it wreck our entire day.  Our choice is to let it and to keep having to start anew the next day, or you can take those setbacks and realize they’re just speedbumps in the day.  If you were driving and hit a speedbump would you turn around and give up on arriving at your destination because you hit one, or may hit more?  So why do we let our days be defined by the speedbumps life throws our way? 

When we tell ourselves it will be a bad day because it’s Sunday or Monday and because we know we will have challenges thrown our way, we take each of those things as confirmation of that which we have already decided. If we decide it’s going to be a good day and recognize the challenges as just speedbumps in the road of life, we are much more prepared to deal with them and see them as such.

Stop Fighting Change; Force It – Stopping being and starting living

You’re off to your day job, mindlessly going through the motions of getting through the day.  You’re enjoying an evening in at home, content, but a little bit bored.  You’re plugging away at the same things you always plug away on, satisfied, but uninspired.  Meeting up with the same crowd or that same special person in your life, you’re having a good time, but it’s not quite as good as it used to be, and you’re pushing aside that budding feeling of disconnect that has been nagging at you over the passage of time.  You have goals and dreams, but they’re so far out of reach all you can hope for is just to keep on dreaming.

Yet still, you’ve come to the conclusion this is as good as it gets.  Things are better than they’ve ever been.  You’re content and happy and your life is easy.  You, my friend, are living below your potential.  You could use a life level up.  Are you truly content and happy, or are you really apathetic, settling or complacent? Continue reading “Stop Fighting Change; Force It – Stopping being and starting living”