Tales From the Couch: Sometimes Life Happens

I have the best couch buddy ❤

Once again I find myself taking an extended leave from the good old blogging world.  I haven’t given up and disappeared for good, but as the title states, sometimes life happens.

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Having Trouble Following Through? Give Yourself a Reason

I’m one of those people that requires, before learning any new thing, a reason for why it must be done, and to know what impact it may have.  In my case, this serves two purposes.

  1. I am able to learn to do said task better, understanding the importance of the intricacies of it.
  2. I am able to determine whether it is something worthy of spending my time on.

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I Don’t Live Alone. I Live With Depression.


I have not kept it a secret that I am clinically depressed.  Some people scoff.  Some tell me just to be happy and get over it.  Others treat me like I’m diseased.  Some nod along with me when I talk about it, because they too know what it’s like.  Others are shocked to learn it.  Some days are fine and it is managed, but other days, under the right conditions, it is just absolutely devastating and crippling.

When I was no longer living with a significant other, and tired of having roommates or living with family, in my 30’s I decided to look for my own place and live alone for the first time in my adult life, and went about it the only way I know how – I researched and read everything about living on one’s own, living on your own as a woman, and living on your own with depression.  The one thing that was a constant in all of the information I read was that living on one’s own, suffering from depression, is not a recommended thing to do.  It can aggravate it, the solitude can amplify the negative feelings and effects, and it can be just the thing to really cause you to spiral downward, not having anyone else around to answer to, nobody to inspire or force you to get up, stay social, partake in the hobbies or interests you once cared about, nobody to make you get out or take care of yourself.  It can also be a worry for your friends and relatives, because what if one day the worst happens, since nobody is there to look after you? Continue reading “I Don’t Live Alone. I Live With Depression.”

Adventures in Eating, Misguided Perceptions and The Scariest Weight Loss Experiment You’ll Ever Undertake – and why you should try it

Everyone I work with, in the pursuit of weight loss, seems to be on some sort of diet; detox, cleanse, Master Cleanse, low/no carb/fat/sugar/dairy/gluten, juicing, fasting, ideal protein diet, Atkins, Thrive, Valentus, Plexus… and the list goes on.  In fact, the only two that I can think of that I actually endorse and would recommend (the last stage of the South Beach and Paleo) seem to be the only ones that have been completely overlooked.  But I digress.

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Coping, Finding the Silver Lining and Living Better through Positivity

The most amazing sunsets come after the storm

My day job is not the happiest of work; I see and hear things that would give you nightmares.  I have a front row seat to the saddest, most terrifying and worst moments of people’s lives.  Every single day is a bad situation.  My employer brings in counsellors annually to work with myself and my coworkers for vicarious trauma incurred on the job.  It never gets better, because when you work in criminal and family court, unlike other professions where you encounter good moments to offset the negative, and have good days to balance out the bad, we ONLY deal with and see things once they have gotten to their worst.

People regularly ask us how we cope with it.  People (as people do because it’s just human nature – try passing by a car accident without taking even a glance) inquire frequently as to details on the types of things we ‘get‘ to see and hear, but after quickly closing off the inquiries with asking if what they really want to hear about are the autopsies and things done to children, nobody wants to hear about our day.  Everyone else gets to discuss the highlights and lowlights and happenings of their profession over dinner – except for us.

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Sunday ‘Funday’ – Setting the tone for my week and living just a little bit better with baby steps

Is this how you’re spending your Sunday Funday? Then enjoy!!

It’s a beautiful day out there, and while for the rest of the social media world out there it’s ‘Sunday funday’, for me Sunday is a day where I take a break from the havoc of the rest of the week, evaluate my mini goals, prep myself for the upcoming week, and work on the little things I mean to do for myself.  In essence, it’s the day where I plan the things I need to do for myself in my pursuit of better living, and work on how I’m going to implement them.  These are the building blocks that make up those baby steps that get me that much closer to my goals.  These are the things that I do for myself to make the next week of my life a little better, happier and easier. Continue reading “Sunday ‘Funday’ – Setting the tone for my week and living just a little bit better with baby steps”