Another Random Weekend Update Post

One of the perks of my particular contract at work is that I have a certain minimum hours per week I need to put in.  That hardly sounds like a perk (aside from the guaranteed minimum income), except with a few basic math skills, if you take the amount I am mandated to fulfill, account for one or two shifts working out of town per week, and divvy it up over the work week, it is easy to assess that my hours can be completed within 4 days, as opposed to 5.  Continue reading “Another Random Weekend Update Post”

The Positivity Project Challenge #3 – Buy Them Yourself

I love flowers.  So colourful, fragrant, and just uplifting in general.  My only problem

FullSizeRender (4)
Cropped friend as I didn’t want to use her without permission

with them?  I don’t receive them anywhere near as often as I would like!  Which is silly, because why do I have to receive them?  I work within one block of every florist in town.  I work for my money.  I have gone to great lengths to reduce my expenses.  So why on earth can I not have them?  Why can’t I just go and buy my own?

A big component to better living is happier living.  And while stuff that can be bought won’t necessarily make you happier, there is something that really does perk you up seeing and smelling that little bit of the outdoors in a nicely arranged bouquet or single stem vase parked somewhere on your desk or your living room table or any other place where the bulk of your waking hours are spent dwelling over. Continue reading “The Positivity Project Challenge #3 – Buy Them Yourself”