Remembering My Heroes

In typical fashion, I’m late to the event.  An entire day in this case.  But the sentiment remains the same.  This November 11th, 2017, I did as I usually do each Remembrance/Veteran’s Day and pored through the many photos I have collected over the years, the newspaper clippings I have dug up, the copies of records I have secured from the local museum, and read through page after page online, adding to the slowly growing collection of data and photos I have been adding to with each passing year in regards to my own family’s military history.


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The Best Life Advice I’ve Ever Received

We’re all human.  We’ve all experienced our fair share of issues or doubts at times, and have at one point or the other been the sharer or recipient of a little life advice – solicited or otherwise.  Some of these little nuggets are decent and reasonable, some so obvious as to soon have been forgotten, some so off you begin to question how the bearer successfully survives each 24 hour period, and then there occasionally comes along those words that are so completely unforgettable they forever shape who we are.  And we all have at the very least a couple of those things that have stuck with us over the years, that helped to mold us into the humans we are today; things that have shaped our lives or made them better in some way.

You may have taken yours from books, television, friends, a teacher – whomever.  My favourites all came from my family; people who I admire and love, who are liked and respected by all who have the pleasure of meeting them.  One or two may come across a little rougher sounding than they should, but that’s just how we sometimes sound in my family. Continue reading “The Best Life Advice I’ve Ever Received”

Reflecting on What Matters

It is the first few minutes into the day following Mother’s Day, and as I lie here in bed curled up next to the only living being over which I have any motherly responsibility – my mutt, Dex – I am reflecting back on a busy but fun day filled with baby snuggles, great food, family, and above all, love.

A most amazing sunset over my family home on a very special Mother’s Day

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