A Note To All Of My Amazing Followers and Readers

I just wanted to say, first of all, a quick hello to you all – Hello! – and thank you all for your time, your follows, your comments, your likes and the budding relationships I am privileged to be forming with many of you.

Let’s pretend we’re having a little chat while sharing a glass of wine, shall we!

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Improving my Relationship: A Long and Arduous Lesson in Reciprocity

While I admit I have moments where I feel a little lost without it, no longer having regular cellular service at the cabin is starting to grow on me more and more.  My boyfriend has a cabin on the lake, which we spend as many weekends at as we can in the summer, and it happens to be just close enough to town that we managed to get a somewhat spotty but generally constant signal, until this winter.  Our provider apparently had some dealings with another service provider whose client base dominates the area, and with the overload on their towers now, we are lucky if we can get past a log in screen once every couple of days.  And I’m kind of happy about it actually, but when you’re gone every weekend for months, cabin time starts to become part of reality, and I know there are going to be times coming up where I’m going to need to be on the grid, so to speak; but this weekend wasn’t one of them.

FullSizeRender (6)
Another gratuitous sunset pic from the weekend, because by now you know I’m partial to sunsets!

I had mentioned before how being disconnected and out on an island alone together made us focus more on each other and talk more together, and this weekend was more of the same.  Two plus years (going on our third summer) is not the longest time, but even after two years we’re still learning about each other and ways to be a better couple, and this past weekend’s unintended lesson was in reciprocity. Continue reading “Improving my Relationship: A Long and Arduous Lesson in Reciprocity”

Social Media and Texting Etiquette – Bringing our communications and respect for each other back up a notch

Who remembers the days before smart phones came onto the scene?  Remember waiting anxiously for a certain phone call or excitedly running to answer it when it rang unexpectedly, all the while wondering who it was?  We’d pick up that phone with a hello, and the greeting returned.  We talked in turn, and when the appropriate moment arose we said our goodbyes before disconnecting that call.

We’ve now moved into an era where much of our communications and interactions with our friends, family, significant others and the outside world take place through texting, messaging and social media.  And as the digital trend progresses, so our sense of etiquette and basic courtesy regresses at an alarming scale.

We’re ALL guilty of one or more of the following offences, so take heed, identify where you might be a guilty party, and let’s see if we can’t bring back some of those old school rules of communication and bring our social interactions back up a notch now. Continue reading “Social Media and Texting Etiquette – Bringing our communications and respect for each other back up a notch”