Remembering My Heroes

In typical fashion, I’m late to the event.  An entire day in this case.  But the sentiment remains the same.  This November 11th, 2017, I did as I usually do each Remembrance/Veteran’s Day and pored through the many photos I have collected over the years, the newspaper clippings I have dug up, the copies of records I have secured from the local museum, and read through page after page online, adding to the slowly growing collection of data and photos I have been adding to with each passing year in regards to my own family’s military history.


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Oh, Canada! Shining Some Northern Light on a Few of Those Canadian Misconceptions and Stereotypes, eh

I was flipping through the Community Pool here earlier today, and came across a blog called Floridian Lifestyle, written by an English girl named Rosie.  I was inspired to read her latest post, A Weekend in Los Angeles, because hey, I’m a northern girl, and that California dreamin’ The Mamas and the Papas and The Beach Boys sang about is really a thing up here. Continue reading “Oh, Canada! Shining Some Northern Light on a Few of Those Canadian Misconceptions and Stereotypes, eh”

Tales From My Couch: A Whole Lot of Nothing

A whole lot of nothing.

Is exactly what I’ve been up to as of late.

I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time lately working on things, contemplating life and strategizing from the comfort of my favourite couch (aka sitting and being lazy). Continue reading “Tales From My Couch: A Whole Lot of Nothing”

What Kind of Weird Are You?

You have to admit, we’re all a little weird.

Weird, unique, strange, special, peculiar, different, eccentric, bizarre, abnormal, odd, quirky… so many different adjectives we have to describe that which is not considered normal.  But what really is that?  How many people would you (and have you ever) actually describe(d) as being just ‘normal’ to another in regular conversation?

Normal is defined in the dictionary as conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

Yet since only a very small percentage of the population would lie within this community, considering the definition (conforming, usual, typical, expected), wouldn’t that make them anything but? Continue reading “What Kind of Weird Are You?”