Wellness Challenge – Lake Day / Go Take a Hike

Back from two and a half beautiful days spent out at camp, and out of service range.  Normally I love a chance to get away from the electronics for a few days, but have to admit that just one month into starting out a blog and expecting to get some posting done on the weekend it’s a tad frustrating… though not enough to prevent me from packing up and still enjoying the beautiful summer weather out at camp! Continue reading “Wellness Challenge – Lake Day / Go Take a Hike”


Wellness Challenge – H2O Day

As I explained in my post earlier yesterday, I have signed up for a one month wellness challenge at work for the month of June.  Yesterday’s challenge was compliment a stranger day, and I’m just checking out the calendar now to see what the upcoming challenges are to get myself prepared for them if need be (since I’ll be out at the cabin all weekend), and trying to psyche my 36 year old bladder up to get through the remainder of this day. Continue reading “Wellness Challenge – H2O Day”

I Don’t Live Alone. I Live With Depression.


I have not kept it a secret that I am clinically depressed.  Some people scoff.  Some tell me just to be happy and get over it.  Others treat me like I’m diseased.  Some nod along with me when I talk about it, because they too know what it’s like.  Others are shocked to learn it.  Some days are fine and it is managed, but other days, under the right conditions, it is just absolutely devastating and crippling.

When I was no longer living with a significant other, and tired of having roommates or living with family, in my 30’s I decided to look for my own place and live alone for the first time in my adult life, and went about it the only way I know how – I researched and read everything about living on one’s own, living on your own as a woman, and living on your own with depression.  The one thing that was a constant in all of the information I read was that living on one’s own, suffering from depression, is not a recommended thing to do.  It can aggravate it, the solitude can amplify the negative feelings and effects, and it can be just the thing to really cause you to spiral downward, not having anyone else around to answer to, nobody to inspire or force you to get up, stay social, partake in the hobbies or interests you once cared about, nobody to make you get out or take care of yourself.  It can also be a worry for your friends and relatives, because what if one day the worst happens, since nobody is there to look after you? Continue reading “I Don’t Live Alone. I Live With Depression.”

Wellness Challenge – Compliment a Stranger

It is the first day of June, and aside from the fact that my bank account is once again sitting at a much lower balance than it was just last night (it being rent day), it is also the first day of a one month wellness challenge I have committed myself to at work. Continue reading “Wellness Challenge – Compliment a Stranger”

The Positivity Project Challenge #3 – Buy Them Yourself

I love flowers.  So colourful, fragrant, and just uplifting in general.  My only problem

FullSizeRender (4)
Cropped friend as I didn’t want to use her without permission

with them?  I don’t receive them anywhere near as often as I would like!  Which is silly, because why do I have to receive them?  I work within one block of every florist in town.  I work for my money.  I have gone to great lengths to reduce my expenses.  So why on earth can I not have them?  Why can’t I just go and buy my own?

A big component to better living is happier living.  And while stuff that can be bought won’t necessarily make you happier, there is something that really does perk you up seeing and smelling that little bit of the outdoors in a nicely arranged bouquet or single stem vase parked somewhere on your desk or your living room table or any other place where the bulk of your waking hours are spent dwelling over. Continue reading “The Positivity Project Challenge #3 – Buy Them Yourself”

What Kind of Weird Are You?

You have to admit, we’re all a little weird.

Weird, unique, strange, special, peculiar, different, eccentric, bizarre, abnormal, odd, quirky… so many different adjectives we have to describe that which is not considered normal.  But what really is that?  How many people would you (and have you ever) actually describe(d) as being just ‘normal’ to another in regular conversation?

Normal is defined in the dictionary as conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

Yet since only a very small percentage of the population would lie within this community, considering the definition (conforming, usual, typical, expected), wouldn’t that make them anything but? Continue reading “What Kind of Weird Are You?”

The Best Life Advice I’ve Ever Received

We’re all human.  We’ve all experienced our fair share of issues or doubts at times, and have at one point or the other been the sharer or recipient of a little life advice – solicited or otherwise.  Some of these little nuggets are decent and reasonable, some so obvious as to soon have been forgotten, some so off you begin to question how the bearer successfully survives each 24 hour period, and then there occasionally comes along those words that are so completely unforgettable they forever shape who we are.  And we all have at the very least a couple of those things that have stuck with us over the years, that helped to mold us into the humans we are today; things that have shaped our lives or made them better in some way.

You may have taken yours from books, television, friends, a teacher – whomever.  My favourites all came from my family; people who I admire and love, who are liked and respected by all who have the pleasure of meeting them.  One or two may come across a little rougher sounding than they should, but that’s just how we sometimes sound in my family. Continue reading “The Best Life Advice I’ve Ever Received”