Social Media and Texting Etiquette – Bringing our communications and respect for each other back up a notch

Who remembers the days before smart phones came onto the scene?  Remember waiting anxiously for a certain phone call or excitedly running to answer it when it rang unexpectedly, all the while wondering who it was?  We’d pick up that phone with a hello, and the greeting returned.  We talked in turn, and when the appropriate moment arose we said our goodbyes before disconnecting that call.

We’ve now moved into an era where much of our communications and interactions with our friends, family, significant others and the outside world take place through texting, messaging and social media.  And as the digital trend progresses, so our sense of etiquette and basic courtesy regresses at an alarming scale.

We’re ALL guilty of one or more of the following offences, so take heed, identify where you might be a guilty party, and let’s see if we can’t bring back some of those old school rules of communication and bring our social interactions back up a notch now. Continue reading “Social Media and Texting Etiquette – Bringing our communications and respect for each other back up a notch”

The Positivity Project Challenge #1 – What was the highlight of your day?

Really, what was the highlight of your day?  What was the best thing that happened to you or that you saw or read or heard all day?  What made you smile or laugh? Comment below and project a little more positivity out into the world.

Too often we end our days with “It was just another day” “It was fine” “Good”.  Too often we look at our day as a whole and write it off as bad.  But there’s always positive to be found.

I mentioned earlier my experiment with the Positivity Project, and this was one of the very first challenges – just to pick out the highlight of your day, and to start retraining yourself to not let the negatives define it.

You can say to yourself you’re going to have a great day, and frequently things are going to happen to knock you down, and we let it wreck our entire day.  Our choice is to let it and to keep having to start anew the next day, or you can take those setbacks and realize they’re just speedbumps in the day.  If you were driving and hit a speedbump would you turn around and give up on arriving at your destination because you hit one, or may hit more?  So why do we let our days be defined by the speedbumps life throws our way? 

When we tell ourselves it will be a bad day because it’s Sunday or Monday and because we know we will have challenges thrown our way, we take each of those things as confirmation of that which we have already decided. If we decide it’s going to be a good day and recognize the challenges as just speedbumps in the road of life, we are much more prepared to deal with them and see them as such.

Stop Fighting Change; Force It – Stopping being and starting living

You’re off to your day job, mindlessly going through the motions of getting through the day.  You’re enjoying an evening in at home, content, but a little bit bored.  You’re plugging away at the same things you always plug away on, satisfied, but uninspired.  Meeting up with the same crowd or that same special person in your life, you’re having a good time, but it’s not quite as good as it used to be, and you’re pushing aside that budding feeling of disconnect that has been nagging at you over the passage of time.  You have goals and dreams, but they’re so far out of reach all you can hope for is just to keep on dreaming.

Yet still, you’ve come to the conclusion this is as good as it gets.  Things are better than they’ve ever been.  You’re content and happy and your life is easy.  You, my friend, are living below your potential.  You could use a life level up.  Are you truly content and happy, or are you really apathetic, settling or complacent? Continue reading “Stop Fighting Change; Force It – Stopping being and starting living”

Adventures in Eating, Misguided Perceptions and The Scariest Weight Loss Experiment You’ll Ever Undertake – and why you should try it

Everyone I work with, in the pursuit of weight loss, seems to be on some sort of diet; detox, cleanse, Master Cleanse, low/no carb/fat/sugar/dairy/gluten, juicing, fasting, ideal protein diet, Atkins, Thrive, Valentus, Plexus… and the list goes on.  In fact, the only two that I can think of that I actually endorse and would recommend (the last stage of the South Beach and Paleo) seem to be the only ones that have been completely overlooked.  But I digress.

Continue reading “Adventures in Eating, Misguided Perceptions and The Scariest Weight Loss Experiment You’ll Ever Undertake – and why you should try it”

Coping, Finding the Silver Lining and Living Better through Positivity

The most amazing sunsets come after the storm

My day job is not the happiest of work; I see and hear things that would give you nightmares.  I have a front row seat to the saddest, most terrifying and worst moments of people’s lives.  Every single day is a bad situation.  My employer brings in counsellors annually to work with myself and my coworkers for vicarious trauma incurred on the job.  It never gets better, because when you work in criminal and family court, unlike other professions where you encounter good moments to offset the negative, and have good days to balance out the bad, we ONLY deal with and see things once they have gotten to their worst.

People regularly ask us how we cope with it.  People (as people do because it’s just human nature – try passing by a car accident without taking even a glance) inquire frequently as to details on the types of things we ‘get‘ to see and hear, but after quickly closing off the inquiries with asking if what they really want to hear about are the autopsies and things done to children, nobody wants to hear about our day.  Everyone else gets to discuss the highlights and lowlights and happenings of their profession over dinner – except for us.

But you know what?  I love what I do.  Continue reading “Coping, Finding the Silver Lining and Living Better through Positivity”

Sunday ‘Funday’ – Setting the tone for my week and living just a little bit better with baby steps

Is this how you’re spending your Sunday Funday? Then enjoy!!

It’s a beautiful day out there, and while for the rest of the social media world out there it’s ‘Sunday funday’, for me Sunday is a day where I take a break from the havoc of the rest of the week, evaluate my mini goals, prep myself for the upcoming week, and work on the little things I mean to do for myself.  In essence, it’s the day where I plan the things I need to do for myself in my pursuit of better living, and work on how I’m going to implement them.  These are the building blocks that make up those baby steps that get me that much closer to my goals.  These are the things that I do for myself to make the next week of my life a little better, happier and easier. Continue reading “Sunday ‘Funday’ – Setting the tone for my week and living just a little bit better with baby steps”

Juicing and Smoothies and You

While juicing and smoothies are health and diet trends that have been around for many, many years, withstanding the test of time, these crazes have only just recently hit an all time popularity high.  It seems every second person I know is juicing or blending or partaking in the latest “cleanse” diet.  If you’re reading this then it’s likely you are also, or that you are at the very least considering it.

FullSizeRender (2)
My favourite blend (kale, apple, mint, pineapple) of store bought cold pressed juice. I buy this 0-2 times a month as a treat. Don’t let all the hype fool you – you may find an all natural variety out there with no additives, but these suckers can be loaded with sugar


Out of these three options, why are you drinking your fruits and veggies?

1) To supplement an eating plan and improve health 
2) To lose weight 
3) Because they taste delicious.

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