Stop Telling Me I Need To Travel

180644_10150373635175254_3188581_nI am a huge proponent of the staycation and advocate strongly for living someplace you love and learning where you live.  Why bother?  Because you spend the majority of your waking hours and life there.  Why would you not want to?  There is always something new to be discovered, something beautiful to be found, something unique to do, a special tradition or culture in which to immerse yourself, and a history all it’s own just waiting to be discovered no matter where you live. Continue reading “Stop Telling Me I Need To Travel”


Another Random Weekend Update Post

One of the perks of my particular contract at work is that I have a certain minimum hours per week I need to put in.  That hardly sounds like a perk (aside from the guaranteed minimum income), except with a few basic math skills, if you take the amount I am mandated to fulfill, account for one or two shifts working out of town per week, and divvy it up over the work week, it is easy to assess that my hours can be completed within 4 days, as opposed to 5.  Continue reading “Another Random Weekend Update Post”

Dear Girls (from one to another):

I know a lot of you have issues with your self esteem.  I used to as well.  I know a lot of you are insecure and feel you have to be a certain way or look a certain way because you’re worried that’s what other people expect of you.  I used to feel the exact same way. Continue reading “Dear Girls (from one to another):”

The Worst Life Advice I’ve Ever Received

I posted once about The Best Life Advice I’ve Ever Received.  For a little fun, and as a cautionary tale to you all, I thought why not post some of the worst?  Continue reading “The Worst Life Advice I’ve Ever Received”

The Dex Files – Part 1: Shopping Around

15267771_10157821961640254_118239078617980871_nJanuary 23, 2013, it’s 3am and I am already out the door, hopping into my little black two door with the studded winter tires (oh, how I miss you, cute little sports car), all ready for my 2 1/2 hour drive to the nearest city from me, off for a predetermined 5:30am meet and greet with the cutie with the beautiful eyes I had met online, hoping it would lead to him coming home with me that same day. Continue reading “The Dex Files – Part 1: Shopping Around”

Versatile Blogger Award – My Very First Nomination!

untitled.pngI still consider myself a newbie blogger, having yet to even hit my two month anniversary.  So I admit to spending more time reading about blogging, reading through blogs, and googling away trying to understand and learn more about the blogging world than I do actually blogging at this point. Continue reading “Versatile Blogger Award – My Very First Nomination!”

Today I Bought a Pride Shirt

IMG_5658Just as the title says, today I bought a ‘pride’ shirt.  Not just any pride shirt, my very first pride shirt.  I never thought I needed one in the past.  Continue reading “Today I Bought a Pride Shirt”