The Positivity Project Challenge #5 – Go Bling Yourself

Go bling yourself.

This was probably the second most popular of all of the challenges to date.  Because it’s fun.  Because it sounds fun.  Because it’s ridiculously easy.  And probably because ‘The Positivity Project” group is comprised of solely 20-40 year old females, though gender is not a requirement for being able to partake in this particular fun ‘challenge’. Continue reading “The Positivity Project Challenge #5 – Go Bling Yourself”

The Positivity Project Challenge #4 – Help Promote a Local Business

I’ve been posting fairly regularly lately and was planning on taking an evening off, but got home a little earlier than anticipated so figured what the heck – haven’t gone into the Positivity Project series as of late so why not pull the latest one from the archives.

Yesterday’s challenge for the group was for each person to think of a small locally owned establishment that they frequent, and to promote it by either sharing the link or doing a write up about it on their own social media pages.  A pretty easy challenge, wouldn’t you agree?  And what does this have to do with positivity? Continue reading “The Positivity Project Challenge #4 – Help Promote a Local Business”

The Positivity Project Challenge #3 – Buy Them Yourself

I love flowers.  So colourful, fragrant, and just uplifting in general.  My only problem

FullSizeRender (4)
Cropped friend as I didn’t want to use her without permission

with them?  I don’t receive them anywhere near as often as I would like!  Which is silly, because why do I have to receive them?  I work within one block of every florist in town.  I work for my money.  I have gone to great lengths to reduce my expenses.  So why on earth can I not have them?  Why can’t I just go and buy my own?

A big component to better living is happier living.  And while stuff that can be bought won’t necessarily make you happier, there is something that really does perk you up seeing and smelling that little bit of the outdoors in a nicely arranged bouquet or single stem vase parked somewhere on your desk or your living room table or any other place where the bulk of your waking hours are spent dwelling over. Continue reading “The Positivity Project Challenge #3 – Buy Them Yourself”

The Positivity Project Challenge #2 – Creating and Building Your Slush Fund

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Slush fund.  Rainy day fund.  Play money.  Emergency stash.  Whatever it is you like to call it, we should all have one.  Why?  Well, apart from your savings and investments and any disposable income you may or may not have left after bill paying, you should have just that little bit tucked away that’s all yours, that you can forget about or watch grow, and know you have that little bit secreted away – again, all yours – to do with whatever you will.  Because you might need it for an emergency.  Because you never know what opportunities you may one day stumble across that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.  Because you may decide one day a change is in order and can use it to fund a one way ticket elsewhere.  Because you may just want to buy that new holiday outfit you normally wouldn’t be able to.  Whatever.  The point is, it is a small rainy day or play money fund that you can build over time in small increments, that only you know about and have access to, to use in any way you choose when the right opportunity presents itself; something that you can build over time with just a small start-up and basically using found money, not having to draw – much, if not at all – from your household income.  Because we all deserve just that little bit of financial independence.  And especially for those living financially dependant upon a significant other or in a rocky cohabitation, it could turn out to be a lifesaver one day. Continue reading “The Positivity Project Challenge #2 – Creating and Building Your Slush Fund”

The Positivity Project Challenge #1 – What was the highlight of your day?

Really, what was the highlight of your day?  What was the best thing that happened to you or that you saw or read or heard all day?  What made you smile or laugh? Comment below and project a little more positivity out into the world.

Too often we end our days with “It was just another day” “It was fine” “Good”.  Too often we look at our day as a whole and write it off as bad.  But there’s always positive to be found.

I mentioned earlier my experiment with the Positivity Project, and this was one of the very first challenges – just to pick out the highlight of your day, and to start retraining yourself to not let the negatives define it.

You can say to yourself you’re going to have a great day, and frequently things are going to happen to knock you down, and we let it wreck our entire day.  Our choice is to let it and to keep having to start anew the next day, or you can take those setbacks and realize they’re just speedbumps in the day.  If you were driving and hit a speedbump would you turn around and give up on arriving at your destination because you hit one, or may hit more?  So why do we let our days be defined by the speedbumps life throws our way? 

When we tell ourselves it will be a bad day because it’s Sunday or Monday and because we know we will have challenges thrown our way, we take each of those things as confirmation of that which we have already decided. If we decide it’s going to be a good day and recognize the challenges as just speedbumps in the road of life, we are much more prepared to deal with them and see them as such.

The Positivity Project and The Broke Girl – Getting to know me better

“Bling yourself.” “Perform a random act of kindness.” “Compliment a stranger.” “Treat yo’self – The 10$ challenge.” What does this all mean and what does any of it have to do with this blog? Continue reading “The Positivity Project and The Broke Girl – Getting to know me better”