Getting to Know YOU Better

Well, I have been taking a few weeks break from the blogging world for a bit.  Have needed to get caught up on some life stuff that I just couldn’t put off anymore.  That being said, I have spent the bulk of today going through my newsfeed, trying to get caught up on a little bit of what I have missed over here at good ol’ WordPress.

I’ve had some laughs and giggles, have learned a few things, and have sympathized with a few of you, and am eager for some more of it!  But the point of this post is, I came across PennyWilsonWrites and her Meet & Greet post and thought it was a brilliant idea!  (And I hope she doesn’t mind I’ve linked to her post)

I’ve seen various incarnations of these types of posts around the site obviously, but something about ‘meeting and greeting’ as opposed to just ‘promote your blog HERE’/’Expand your audience’ seemed so much more appealing to me.  It also made me think, I am following more than my fair share of blogs, and I have more readers than I have been able to fully keep up with, so I thought what better way to get to know you than to have my very own version of a meet and greet!

I would love to know more about you all, and I’m sure some of you might also have fun getting to know a little bit more about each other either.  So I’m inviting each and every single one of you to post in the comments a link to your page, preferably to your personal favourite post, and I promise to get around to reading each and every single one of them, and invite any readers here to also do the same!

If you want to mention a little bit more about yourself and your blog, all the better!  If you have any questions for me or about me, I’ll do my best to answer – where appropriate, of course.

To get the ball rolling, I’ll begin with myself.

Since you have already found your way to my blog, I assume some of you know me already.  For those who don’t, I’m Mandy and it is a pleasure to meet you!


I started blogging with the sole aim in mind to get over my fear of writing for an audience – even if this isn’t the type of writing I had in mind.  I’m on a journey to upgrade my life little by little, and thought maybe if others could share in that journey or if I could help people in any small way it would make the whole experience worthwhile for me.  And it truly has.  Along with meeting some absolutely amazing people throughout the process, and being introduced to many new worlds outside of my own because of it.  I’ve lost some focus on the direction of my blog, and so my posting as of late has been all over the map, but maybe (as a commenter from my last post indicated) eclectic is just my thing!

What you absolutely NEED to know about me is:

I am a total lake girl, and love sunsets, my dog, and my boyfriend.  Not necessarily in that order.


I adore the farmer’s market, and I love cupcakes and flowers.  Which both so happen to be available each Wednesday at the farmer’s market!


I also have a thing for this globe I saw at …. here it comes… Wal Mart.  Which I was still too cheap to buy, so I snapped a photo instead.


My favourite post is Dear Girls, which many of you have already been introduced to through previous posts, and I would be delighted to get to know you and your blog better through your favourite post also!  Feel free to post away as many links to your favourite/s as you want, and tell me as much or as little as you want about yourself.  It’s that easy!

Author: thebrokegirlsguidetobetterliving

Welcome! I am "thebrokegirl", aka Mandy. And what makes me a broke girl? Being a single income household, living the best life I can alongside my big grumpy dog obviously, but also because I'm not perfect - I'm broke - I'm a work in progress, which is exactly how I want to stay! My passion for writing, research, trying new things and wanting to help and inspire others are what inspired me to start this blog. So what makes me an expert on better living? Nothing! I'm just a girl trying. And what is better living? It's mindfulness, small changes, simple acts, baby steps to help make your day, your health, your environment, your life just that little much better. I'm on a lifelong journey to level up my life, and invite you to share that journey alongside me!

10 thoughts on “Getting to Know YOU Better”

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting and leaving your link! Nice to meet you Rich 🙂

      I love your About page. It’s brutally honest and says a lot about who you are and what your values are. You’ve overcome so many challenges along the way, I am sorry you experienced all of that, but you’ve definitely grown from all of it. It’s so easy to get sucked in and allow all of the bad to swallow you whole, but to come out on top and then to decide you want to use what you’ve learned to help other people, that’s really admirable.

      I think the use of the word ‘stud’ makes you stop and notice your page; the title alone makes it stand out from other competitor blogs, so I don’t think it’s silly. It gets attention. And you like it. No further explanation required!

      Have to admit, I loved the video game references – I’m kinda partial to the rpg ones myself (Sshh… I’m a closet geek 😉 ). Have you ever heard of Nerd Fitness? It is a healthy living/fitness blog that is literally all about ‘leveling up’ through different challenges and through making health and fitness relatable to ‘Nerds’ (it’s in the blog title) through liberal use of video game and movie references. It used to be a guilty pleasure of mine, but I had forgotten about it until now… may be my next pit stop 😉


  1. Hi Mandy! Welcome back! I’ve been following your blog since I started on word press around 6 weeks ago!

    I’m Rosie! I started my blog to tell everyone about my journey moving from England to American to be with my fiancé so it’s all about my new journey!

    My favorite post I’ve written would have to be telling everyone that we’re getting married at Disney World as this was/is such an exciting time for us!

    Love you version of doing this and getting to know everyone, I might have to steel this one day 😝😉


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    1. Hi Rosie! Wow! I missed your wedding update post entirely earlier, I’m so glad you posted the link here! I’m so excited for you guys!!!

      Crazy enough, in the land of strange coincidences, I was just talking to an old friend from high school that I hadn’t seen in 19 years last night and she was telling me all about her Magic Kingdom wedding and what a ‘magical’ time it all was and how wonderful they were at planning everything for you down to the smallest detail. It will be an incredible day and experience for you for sure!
      And btw, I didn’t know they made churro flavoured cakes!!!! Drooling at the thought right now 🙂

      Yours is such a great story, and what you’ve done is so brave and inspiring, I really hope others see this and get to share in it also.

      Feel free to steal away!! I’ve gotten a few more likes than responses (it’s the kind of thing that really only works if people engage lol) but reading them has been the highlight of my day. Well worth it 🙂

      Thank you for contributing, and I look forward to seeing more of your wedding updates!!!! xo

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      1. Ah thank you!! Wow that must have been amazing! I know I can’t wait to try it this Wednesday! 🍰

        Thanks so much! Means a lot, we all have our own though ❤️
        Yeah it’s a shame many hasn’t but maybe they will, I tend to post something then people reply overnight 🙈

        Thank you for enjoying and the same to you Mandy!
        😘😘 x

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  2. Hi Mandy! I’d say it’s a pleasure to meet you, but you and I have already exchanged comments on a previous blog I had kept and deleted (I’m Tarnished Soul, by the way); I’m beginning a new blog, because I realized how much I missed being on here. I hope you remember me, but I can’t retrieve my favorite post from that (now non-existent) blog and my current one doesn’t really have very many posts yet, so I am simply posting the link to the blog:

    I look forward to blogging again and I’m glad to see you.


  3. Love this idea. So here goes. I spell my name Dzsulie online, because a fellow blogger who became a good friend spelled it that way once, and I loved it. My background is pretty complicated, which is why I’m always introducing myself as “a Cross-Cultural Kid with a French passport who identifies as French-American-Hungarian.” I grew up in various U.S. states and also lived in Germany, but that’s where it gets complicated again, because while I did attend a German school, everything else around me – all my cultural influences, my friends, the books and magazines I read – was American. Basically, I can reference lots of shows and things from the ’80s in America, but not so much from Germany.

    Long story short (and this is a somewhat typical nutshell intro), the reason I started blogging was because I wanted to create something for people like me (who belong everywhere and nowhere at once), and continue meeting people in the process. In keeping with the usual theme of my life, I decided to go with two blogs, which means two links.

    First link is from the older blog, which looks at personal and national identity. I have a very morbid sense of humor, a deep appreciation of irony (especially when it happens to me via karma), and a delivery / style of speaking which is very-tongue-in cheek, which comes from the first two. I don’t mean that I like shocking people for the sake of it, but this post exemplifies my nature best. Plus, I do have a natural curiosity about several things, and this is one of them.

    The second blog looks at cultural things I find interesting, and I did notice an element of fusion early on. I’m the last person to lump all Cross-Cultural Kids together, so I won’t even pretend to speak for everyone. We’re all different, but that’s the beauty of it. I do believe though that because of the way we grew up, we look at culture differently, so this is one way of showcasing one voice. And this particular post is my current favorite, because it reminds me of a top when I was in top of the world, and we all need a reminder of that. Because if we were pretty cool then, we can get it back. is from the


  4. Hi Mandy and friends.

    I don’t get to scoot around reading all that much, but I came across your invite here (and over to Penny Writes through here), so thought I’d say hello.

    I’m living in a small town in Southern Australia, and mine is a poetry blog reflecting what I see and what I think. All the usual things. I tend to write in linked series of poems, and I’m currently doing 3 sets – ‘Pilgrim Poems’, ‘A Poem a Day (since September 2016 and going to December 31 2017), and a set inspired by Gaston Bachelard. A recent poem, and my blog-site, is here:

    Thanks again for the invite and opportunity.




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