Another Random Weekend Update Post

One of the perks of my particular contract at work is that I have a certain minimum hours per week I need to put in.  That hardly sounds like a perk (aside from the guaranteed minimum income), except with a few basic math skills, if you take the amount I am mandated to fulfill, account for one or two shifts working out of town per week, and divvy it up over the work week, it is easy to assess that my hours can be completed within 4 days, as opposed to 5. 

I count myself very fortunate in that my supervisors have realized this as well (and perhaps maybe even like me a smidge?) – so unless I am begging for a few extra hours, or if they require some extra help, I regularly only work a four day week.  I’m not going to lie, I love it.  In my opinion, it is almost the perfect work/life balance, and I only wish everyone was able to do so as well.  Sure, my paycheques could stand to be a little higher, but I made a decision years ago to start making my health and happiness as much as, or bigger than, a priority as money.  But don’t get me wrong, the work I do those four days definitely pays for that extra day off.

Last Friday was one of those days off for me, which led me to calling up my mom and my little sister (currently on mat leave) Thursday evening to see if I could arrange maybe some berry picking, or beach date or playdate with the baby… and them too, of course.  My mom advised that no, we could not go to the beach as they already had alternate plans, but I was free to tag along if I would like.

And now for a brief sidebar from my unsponsored self:  This post has no real meaning, lesson or anything you can take away from it.  But if you like me just a little too, or if you’re bored, then happy reading!

And I’m gonna save Friday for last, except in that I’ll say me and the boyfriend took off for camp yet again.  It was the hottest weekend of the summer bar none, the humidex reaching temps of 36-40 degrees Celsius.  As always, it was a later dinner, a little sunset watching and then off to get in some z’s.  After finding our new handcrafted gnome I acquired at last week’s farmer’s market a home in the new garden of course.

The gnome in his home


We usually spend a lot of solo time out on the lake and were talking about how one of these weekends we really ought to invite a few people out before it gets too late and summer has drawn to a close, like we did last year.  Out of the blue a good friend of mine sent me a message asking if we wouldn’t mind a bit of company, and that she had a boat to get out for the day.  We were more than thrilled to have her, and said of course!  The man was pleased as punch to get to mess around and do all of the puttering he never quite gets to accomplish when it’s just the two of us (I never said I was maintenance free), and we got to gab on the dock, swim and float about, and do all the girly stuff I rarely have other women around to indulge in with, like drink fruity coolers and paint our toenails.  It was a happy day, laying out in the sun with one of my closest friends, my boyfriend and my mutt coming and going throughout the course of the day, though interspersed with moments of sadness as we discussed the sudden passing of a colleague/friend of ours that occurred late last week.  He will be missed.

Since I didn’t ask my friend’s permission to post her pic, here’s a cute one of my pooch ❤

She later that evening had to head back in to town to attend to a prior commitment, and my sweetie and I stayed out – would you believe, watching another sunset – lighting a fire, intent on making s’mores, however the intense humidity and the threat of a good old fashioned thunderstorm that comes with the heat and humidity brought out the mosquitoes in record amounts, driving us inside, relegating us to movie watching and another early bedtime.



Sunday was upon us, and I woke up not on my best behaviour.  I may have had one of those episodes over breakfast… the type that goes, “We never go where I want or do what I want, blah blah blah”.  You know, a tantrum.  It was quite spectacular.  Really.  Foot stomping may have been involved.  There was a music festival happening on a nearby beach that my friends and their significant others were all attending, and I had wanted to go.  We were on a lake filled with 4 and 5 star fishing resorts and restaurants and I have been asking for 2 months can we not stop by one for just a drink and an appetizer one of these weekends.  There are too many beaches (populated or not) to count, and I have been mentioning for two months it would be nice to hit one up and dig our toes in the sand and have a picnic.  There are petroglyphs and abandoned gold mines around the lake I have always wanted to explore, and have been promised for three summers we would spend a weekend doing so.  To be fair though, my to do list is basically… everything.

I normally don’t much care what we do, don’t quibble and defer to what he would like, not because I’m a pushover, but because things just don’t matter to me.  I don’t care when we do things, just so long as we eventually do them.  When something is important to me, or if I really want it, believe me I am not so easy to push over as many people might mistakenly believe from my earlier statement.  But I realized that summer is just weeks away from drawing to a close here, we have commitments filling up the next two or three weekends, and for the third summer in a row we have still curiously enough not yet gotten around to doing the things that I had expressed an interest in someday doing.   Enough of that.  That man started up the boat, packed us up some grub and a LOT of water, took me out on the lake all day, and we just so happened to indulge in one of my all time favourite pastimes(!) – fishing – limiting out in under an hour with all fresh walleye, just under the max allowable slot size.  Best day fishing I’ve seen in years!  He even then cleaned and packed them up for me to bring home.  It turned out to be one of the best days I’ve had yet this summer year, and all was forgiven (hehe).

My man kept rearranging the fish on me trying to get the biggest ones front and centre and several minutes of waiting for him to finally take the pic I was starting to have trouble holding them all!

We spent the remainder of the day swimming and paddling about having races on our inflatable floating lounges and playing with the mutt, had an amazing dinner out on the deck, and made it into town quite late, turning in immediately so I could get off to work nice and early and reasonably rested for work this morning and my flight up north for a special trial.  Which brings me up to now, sitting here, typing away all this silly randomness, waiting for my laundry to be done.


And skipping back to Friday, I have to admit I was a tad disappointed that I would have to put off a little longer some berry picking and some beach time with my family.

And when I asked what it was my family was doing that I was welcome to tag along on, my mother nonchalantly replied that her, my sister and the baby were coming in to town to go and sit in a parking lot at the water’s edge.

For a free BBQ.

With the Prime Minister of Canada.

How could I refuse such an invitation?

Photo op with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

A definite contender for best weekend of 2017.

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